Vacaville school leaders to review plan – The Reporter

By Richard Bammer

When they meet tonight in open session, Vacaville Unified leaders are expected to approve a plan and funding to put into place new state educational standards, sign a contract to upgrade or expand computer labs before the standards take effect in the fall, and approve a series of resolutions related to district-owned land in north Vacaville.

The seven-member board likely will approve $2.5 million in state funding to implement the new standards, called Common Core. Historic in scope, focusing deeply on key concepts and requiring writing skills across the curriculum, they define the knowledge, concepts and skills students should have at each grade level.

Some of the cash will be funneled to the district’s several charter schools: Fairmont Elementary, which will receive nearly $125,000; Buckingham Charter High School, $95,000; and ACE Charter, $29,000.

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