How to Make IEP Meetings More Effective | Edutopia

By Ben Johnson

The law requires that students classified as special education have an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Everything must be documented, and the responsibility for providing special education services specified in the IEP is in the hands of the school staff.

Each child who has an IEP also has an IEP team. The team includes the child and his or her parents, the child’s teachers, a counselor, an administrator, and a special education coordinator or teacher. I recently attended an IEP team meeting for a student at the high school where I teach Spanish. I listened attentively to the special education coordinator, who sat behind a laptop reviewing evaluations, the student’s progress in the core classes, and the appropriateness of the interventions prescribed for her learning disability. One by one, the elements required in an IEP meeting were completed.

Source: How to Make IEP Meetings More Effective | Edutopia

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