2018 Graduation: Armijo High School Top Students – Daily Republic

By Susan Hiland

Melanie Acuna

Highlights: Going to prom with my friends and making into Highest Honors. Next year: Attending UC Davis in the fall. Career goal: Work within the medical field, like in pediatrics or work somewhere in international relations. In 10 years: I see myself having a stable job, working in various cities or countries, starting a family and traveling. I hope my job is something that I enjoy and has a huge impact on others.

Karim Aljamal

Highlights: Completing IB. Scholarships, awards: Assist-A-Grad, Eckman scholarship. Next year: Attending UCSC as a biomedical engineering major. Career goal: A successful engineer doing interesting research. In 10 years: Successful, doing interesting research.

Source: 2018 Graduation: Armijo High School Top Students

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