Dixon Patch: Former DUSD’s Librarian’s Computer Wiped Clean

If the District Attorney, the Grand Jury, or the Dixon Unified School District wanted to include information and files off of retired District Librarian Gregg Atkins’ computer for their audits and investigation, they won’t be able to. The computer hard drive has been wiped clean.

After a meeting between Dixon Library Director Nancy Schrott and DUSD Board of Trustees President Irina Okhremtchouk to detail what was necessary to get ready for the audits, it was discovered that all of the files on Atkin’s computer no longer exist.

“Since we have been investigated by the Grand Jury, and because the Board decided to refer certain things to the District Attorney, and because we are going to conduct an audit and a forensic investigation very soon, I met with Nancy and asked her to preserve the former District Librarian’s computer files,” said Okhremtchouk . “He signed a lot of contracts and did a lot of business with vendors and such, so we have to ensure that these records were available for review.”

At last week’s special meeting, the library’s governing board of trustees approved a contract with Roach Associates Auditors to conduct a full audit of every account at the Dixon Public Library. They also approved a second contract for a forensic auditing firm and that work was expected to begin immediately.

via Former District Librarian’s Computer Wiped Clean.

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