Vallejo Times-Herald Letter: VCUSD – The TEAM to LEAD

Shelee Loughmiller

President of the Board

Friends of Loma Vista Farm

I would like to thank Dr. Ramona Bishop and her team for their dedication and tenacity in moving the district forward. With the recent release of the Grand Jury report I sincerely hope that, rather than malign the administration’s efforts and accomplishments to turn a flailing system around, the VEA will work in a collaborative manner to support the actions that must occur to remedy what ails us all as a community. The goal of improving our student’s performance and developing strong citizens at the same time is not a feat for the weak of heart. Dr. Bishop has proven herself a leader with a vision for excellence and I wholeheartedly support the tough decisions that she and the School Board have made.

via The TEAM to LEAD.

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