Vacaville High School club distributes prom dresses – The Reporter

By Richard Bammer

For high school senior girls, it is, perhaps, never too early to think about the prom. But in an era when prom expenses for girls can top $1,500, according to a Visa survey last year, prom may be out of reach for many families, especially the half of Americans that are considered poor or low-income.

The all-important dress is among the major cash outlays, and at Vacaville High School, members of a chapter of Becca’s Closet have made sure that no one misses the prom because of that cost.

The nonprofit Becca’s Closet ( was created by Rebecca Kirtman, a Florida teenager. Her idea was to collect and give dresses to high school girls who wanted to attend their prom or homecoming but could not afford one. A cheerleader and honor student, she died in an auto accident in 2003, and the group’s mission has since spread across the nation and world.

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