Ernest Kimme: Strangely slow start to campaign season – The Reporter

By Ernest Kimme

It’s almost election season and it’s strangely quiet. Only a handful of people have taken candidate papers, and just a few have actually filed their candidate papers.

Two people have taken out papers for Mayor: Ron Rowlett and Rodney Harrison. As of this writing, only Ron has turned in his papers, making his candidacy official. Surprisingly, Dilenna Harris hasn’t pulled papers. Many people were sure that she would run, setting up a clear contrast between the unions and the business community. Dilenna, after all, has been President of the Chamber of Commerce, and has been an advocate for small business on the Council.

She might be waiting to see what Len Augustine does. Rumors are that the former mayor might throw his hat in the ring. Len is stilled called “Mr Mayor” and enjoys a tremendous amount of respect in the community. Were he to run, he would probably undercut much of Dilenna’s support with the business community.

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