Career Readiness: Starting Early with Young Learners | Edutopia

By Heather Wolpert-Gawron

We hear a lot of talk about career readiness these days, and for secondary educators, you cant spit without finding advice on how to make our units, our school structure, or our content more aligned with prepping our students for the jobs of today and the future. So how about kindergarteners?

Dont laugh. Im not writing today to advocate that we get our early learners to decide now on a career in dentistry or accounting. Im here today to write about the skills that successful people have in any career — skills that should be encouraged early on.

So I reached out to a friend of mine that has some authority in career readiness to talk about ways to scaffold the skills our students need to know.

via Career Readiness: Starting Early with Young Learners | Edutopia.

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