The Reporter: Kids’ well-being better in Solano, Napa counties

By Rachel Raskin-Zrihen/Times-Herald, Vallejo

Latino and black students in Solano County have a slim chance of landing jobs in the sciences, and if you’re Latino in either county, chances are you might be overweight, according to a study released Monday.

On the other hand, children in both counties are doing better in several areas that measure well-being than those in two-thirds of the state’s 58 counties, according to the online 2012 California County Scorecard of Children’s Well-Being. This is the third edition of a study done every two years, the last one in 2010, its authors said.

“California is a very diverse state, and to see progress, we need to make sure we’re bringing all the children along,” report spokeswoman and lead researcher Jessica Mindnich said. “Each county is unique, though both Solano and Napa are considered high income, urban communities based on the needs of children and the percentage of those living above poverty. Solano and Napa both are in the top third in the state by this criteria.”


via Kids’ well-being better in Solano, Napa counties.

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